Earn points when you purchase from SXSURF.COM      

Every time you buy product from us you will get reward points. These points will be kept in your account, and you can redeem the points into cash when you make purchase in the future. Our reward points system helps you to upgrade your board with lower price, which helps you to make progress faster. You can also use the points in your account to buy accessories you need in surfing. For us, you loyalty means the world. We are happy to give you great reward.

In our member center, you can get many good products with low points. We also have activities occasionally. Members will be rewarded in different ways.

View the points you’ve got in your member’s page


You can view the points you’ve earned in your member’s page. All points earned in our website will be kept together. You can decide to have bit of treat and surprise for yourself occasionally or save the points and get a big discount at a time.

Redeem points when purchase


In the checkout page of a purchase, you can choose to redeem the points or not. If you want to use points, they will be redeemed automatically. Please notice the points can only be redeemed to pay for the product, it cannot be used for paying postage.

Earn points when you leave review or share with your friends

Sharing means a great deal to us. We would rather give the benefit to our members than paying for expensive advertisement. Sharing with you friends on social networks, we will reward you by points. You can also earn points when you leave us a review.

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